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Getting Started with AvaTax for ProStores

AvaTax for ProStores provides a scalable pricing model that works for small and mid-sized businesses. Because AvaTax is delivered as a service via the internet, automating sales tax functions can be done at a fraction of the price of traditional software. And because it’s fully maintained as a part of your subscription agreement, you don’t even need to invest the time and resources to perform software upgrades or maintenance of sales tax rates and boundary changes.

AvaTax pricing consists of a one-time activation fee and an annual or monthly fee for service based on transactions. The number of transactions is determined by the number of orders processed through your ProStores check-out. Similar to your cell phone service fee, if you exceed your annual transaction levels, you can either pay a per transaction overage fee for each additional order processed, or you can simply upgrade your plan to the next level.

AvaTax Single State

Are you collecting sales tax in only one state? AvaTax for ProStores has a limited time offer for businesses only collecting in one state. For as little as $9 per month plus setup you can have a complete end-to-end sales tax solution for your ProStores store.

AvaTax Basic

AvaTax Basic is an on-demand sales tax management solution designed to meet the needs of many small and mid-sized businesses and comes pre-integrated into your ProStores store.

AvaTax Pro

AvaTax Pro offers the same features and benefits as AvaTax Basic, but also incorporates nearly 100,000 tax rules specific to nearly 2,400 system tax codes for categories of products or services—eliminating the need for your company to research the tax implications for your specific product and service offering. AvaTax Pro is only available for customers with transaction volumes greater than 1,440.

Questions about purchasing AvaTax for ProStores? Chat with a sales representative online, or call 877-780-4848 and select option 1.

About Avalara

Avalara is the leading provider of web-hosted sales tax management services. By integrating our service directly into their e-commerce applications we have helped eBay ProStores merchants eliminate the tedious work of calculating, collecting, reporting on, and remitting taxes in multiple jurisdictions.

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